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Project for Enhancement of Engineering Higher Education in Myanmar

March 17, 2014

Orientation seminars and lectures for the “Project for the Enhancement of Engineering Higher Education in Myanmar” were held by Japanese Six Universities (Chiba, Niigata, Kanazawa, Okayama, Nagasaki and Kumamoto National Universities) at Yangon Technological University on 23-24, and at Mandalay Technological University on 26-27 December, 2013.

The purpose of this project is to foster engineers who will contribute to the development of industry, as well as the infrastructure of Myanmar with the support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) via assisting Myanmar teaching staff through the acquisition of PhD degrees in Japan as well as implementing of short term training programs, including instructing of research and improvement of contents and methods for education in Myanmar.

Ten Japanese professors from five engineering fields includes Mechanical, Electrical Power, Electronic, Information Technology and Mechatronic introduced their research to more than 70 teaching staff and students at Yangon, and more than 250 at Mandalay Technical University.
Enthusiastic local staff and students asked a number of questions during and after the seminar.

As a representative of the Japanese Six Universities, Professor Shigechi of the Center for the Promotion of International Engineering Education and Research, Nagasaki University gave an opening address. “This seminar is the first attempt to introduce the science and technological research capability of the Japanese Six Universities. To promote collaborative research actively, we would like to implement seminars three times a year”.

On the second day, teaching staff of Myanmar and Japanese universities held discussions in each engineering fields regarding the current situation of research and education of Yangon and Mandalay Technological University.

Professor Saimoto of Nagasaki University held two additional lectures, in response to the request of the dedicated teaching staff at Mandalay Technological University. The lecture for the 2nd grade undergraduate students, entitled “Linear relationship between force and extension”, gathered over 150 eager students. In the afternoon, another lecture entitled “Effect of gyro moment and its application” was held for the graduate students.

Professor Shigechi giving an opening address

The teaching staff and the student participated in the seminar at YTU

The teaching staff of YTU and JSU discussing the field of Information Technology

The teaching staff and the student participated in the seminar at MTU

JSU staff with pro-rector of Mandalay Technological

A student at MTU voluntary solving a problem

A photo of Professor Saimoto of Nagasaki University giving teaching staff and students a lecture

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