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Nagasaki Higashi High School students participated in a special lecture at the Faculty of Economics

June 06, 2019

 The Faculty of Economics hosted 20 members of Nagasaki Higashi High School’s English club and 3 of their teachers to a special lecture on the college admissions process of American universities on May 19th. In addition to the guests from Nagasaki Higashi High School, 7 Nagasaki University students participated as well. The presenter of the lecture began by describing the requirements of an American university application. These requirements include a standardized test score, similar to the Japanese Center Test, list of classes taken in high school, high school grade point average, list of activities outside of school, and a personal statement. After the students learned about the requirements, they thought about ideas for their own personal statement and shared their ideas in small groups. Finally, the students learned about a recent college admissions scandal that involved some celebrities and wealthy Americans, which inspired the topic of the lesson.

 This lecture is part of a series of lectures held in English for Nagasaki Higashi High School, a Super Global High School (SGH), that began in 2014. The series was created to promote cooperation between the university and local high schools, expose high school and university students to American culture and provide an opportunity to study and communicate in English. International students from the university and high school participate from time-to-time, which give the students opportunity to not only study American culture, but they can learn about other cultures as well.

How American Students Apply to University

Presentation by Prof. Tom
Presentation by Prof. Tom

Round-table discussion
Round-table discussion
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