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Semey Medical University’s Rector visits Nagasaki University

November 29, 2019

On Wednesday, November 20, 2019, Dr. Yersin T. Zhunussov, Rector of Semey Medical University (Republic of Kazakhstan) and Dr. Alma U. Nurtazina, the Director of the Clinical Innovation Center, visited President Shigeru Kohno.

An agreement on academic cooperation was originally signed with Semey Medical University(SMU) in 1998, which led to joint research on the health effects of radiation and student exchange. In 2014, Dr. Nurtazina served as a visiting professor at the Nagasaki University’s Atomic Bomb Disease Institute. A total of seven SMU graduates are enrolled in degree programs of Nagasaki University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Rector Zhunussov expressed his appreciation for the university's close and long-standing cooperation in the field of radiation medical science and expects more opportunities in other fields as well in the future. There was a warm discussion afterwards together with Professor Masahiro Nakashima of the Atomic Bomb Disease Institute and exchange students and trainees from Semey Medical University.

Since 1998, Nagasaki University School of Medicine has awarded the “Nagasaki International Medical Student Encouragement Award” to the best performing students at Semey Medical University. This year two students are eligible for the award. President Kohno entrusted Rector Zhunussov with certificates of merit and plaques to present to the students.

Semey Medical University’s website: https://semeymedicaluniversity.kz/en/

Discussion with students and trainees
Discussion with students and trainees

Commemorative photo
Commemorative photo
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