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COVID-19 Updates: A message to our partners and friends

June 04, 2020

For the Nagasaki University community, the second quarter of the academic year 2020-2021 has begun. At this point in time, we would like to inform our partners and friends about Nagasaki University’s response to COVID-19.

In Nagasaki Prefecture, there are 17 confirmed positive cases since the first case was identified on March 14, 2020. After the latest case was reported on April 17, the number of cases has not increased for more than one month. We keep foreign students informed as much as possible by email. They also come to our office from time to time, mostly for visa related procedures and to apply for emergency financial support by the government and the university.

On May 14, the Declaration of a State of Emergency was lifted in Nagasaki Prefecture, and we decided to resume on-campus classes of laboratory-based research, on a conditional basis, in the second quarter (June-July). Lectures will still be provided on-line. However, precautionary measures are still in effect nationwide. In Nagasaki, residents are asked to be prudent in their plans about going to the prefectures where the declaration of emergency has just been lifted. The government’s international border control will be maintained from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of additional infections. As such, it is difficult to know when we will be able to go back to normal and resume student exchange. Much depends on when the pandemic is over and how well we will cope with the effects.

The pandemic showed us that how far people can go in education and learning without in-person interactions. Nevertheless, there are students who want on-site experience, in-person conversation, and activities inside and outside the classroom.  International students are precious members for a diverse community. Looking ahead to the reopening of student mobility, we are currently working on the pamphlets for the 2021-2022 academic year, and waiting for the day when all the conditions are satisfied to proceed.

We hope that you are safe and sound, and we look forward to strengthening our international cooperation in these challenging times.

Prof. Takeshi Nagayasu
Trustee and Vice President for Research and International Affairs                             

Prof. Akihide Tada
Vice President for International Exchange



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