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Graduate School of Economics & Faculty of Economics

Hiromasa Okada Hiromasa Okada
Dean, Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics

Welcome to the homepage of the Faculty of Economics of Nagasaki University

The origin of our faculty lies in Nagasaki Higher Commercial School (NHCS) which was established in 1905 as the third public commercial school in Japan, after Tokyo Higher Commercial School (now Hitotsubashi University) and Kobe Higher Commercial School (now Kobe University). The NHCS, the name was changed to the Nagasaki College of Economics in 1944, which later on became the Faculty of Economics of Nagasaki University in 1949. Since then, many talented students have graduated and played an active role in very heart of industry. It would be no exaggeration to say that up until now we have played a key role in supporting the economic development of Japan with the provision of essential human resources.

The faculty has the historical tradition over one hundred years. The educational goal of the faculty is to nurture a practical economist. The concrete image of a practical economist depends on times. Nowadays it is required to have the problem solving ability of modern global and IT society.

To nurture young talent, the faculty runs seven courses for undergraduates, namely, Economic Analysis and Policy, Economics and Law, International Relations, Finance, Economics and Management Information System, Management and Accounting, and Integrated Economics (evening sessions). This system is introduced to offer students an opportunity to gain the ability to solve problems of the field which students have chosen to study. And each course arranges subjects to allow students to acquire from basic to advanced specialized knowledge. Furthermore the faculty runs seminars to develop thinking ability in students by applying the knowledge which students have learnt from their study course.

I very much hope that this homepage will allow you to get to know us and our Faculty.

Programs and Majors

Faculty Departments Courses
Faculty of Economics Integrated Economics Economic Analysis and Policy
Economics and Law
International Relations
Economics and Management Information System
Management and Accounting
Integrated Economics (evening sessions).
Graduate School of Economics Master's Course Policy Studies in Economics and Management
Doctoral Course Managerial Decision Making

Agreement of Academic Exchange with Overseas Institution

Institutions Date
Chiang Mai University(Thailand) 1990. 9. 5
School of International Business Administration,Shanghai University of Finance and Economics(China) 2005. 11. 21
South-Western University of Finance and Economics(China) 2012. 3. 1
Chung-Ang University(Korea) 2012. 3. 1
California State University San Barnardino(USA) 2012. 6.13

Number of Students

  Nagasaki University Graduate School of Economics
Doctoral Course 675  12
Master's Course 764 27
  Nagasaki University Faculty of Economics
Total Number of Students 7,603 1,856

contact information

ecso*ml.nagasaki-u.ac.jp (please change * to @)


Graduate School of Economics & Faculty of Economics

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