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Graduate School of Faculty of Education & School of Faculty of Education

Takashi FujikiTakashi Fujiki
Dean, Graduate School of Faculty of Education and School of Faculty of Education

Programs and Majors

Faculty Divisions Departments
Faculty of Education Teacher Education Division Department of Intercultural Studies
Department of Art Expression
Department of Education and Psychology
Department of Natural Science
Department of Life and Health
Department of Elementary Education
Graduate School of Education Master's Course Department of Teaching Skills Development and Practice
Professional Degree Program Department of Teacher Training and Practice

Agreement of Academic Exchange with Overseas Institution

Institutions Date
Changwon National University(Korea) 2002. 10. 24
Hanyang University(Korea) 2003. 10. 10
Yonsei University(Korea) 2003. 11. 18
Kyungpook National University(Korea) 2004. 9. 30
Beijing Normal University(China) 2004. 12. 27
Beijing Institute of Education(China) 2004. 12. 28
Northeast Normal University(China) 2007. 3. 22
Shanghai Normal University(China) 2007. 6. 27
East China Normal University(China) 2007. 7. 2
Silla University(Korea) 2008. 6. 17
Korea National University of Education(Korea) 2010. 10. 25

Number of Students

  Nagasaki University Graduate School of Education
Doctoral Course 675  -
Master's Course 764 34
Professional Degree Program 40 40
  Nagasaki University Faculty of Education
Total Number of Students 7,603 1,009

contact information

edu_syomu*ml.nagasaki-u.ac.jp (please change * to @)


Graduate School of Faculty of Education & School of Faculty of Education