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Faculty of Environmental Studies

Akihiro Taimura Akihiro Taimura
Dean, Faculty of Environmental Studies

The Faculty of Environmental Studies was established in October 1997, as the first environmental faculty among our national universities. What is especially noteworthy is that it aims for a highly original synthesis of natural sciences, social sciences and humanities in environmental education and research.

The ideals which the Faculty pursues are the conservation of the environment, the sustainable development of human society, and finally the attainment of harmonious symbiosis between mankind and the global environment in the face of increasingly serious environmental problems.
Students are expected to be trained as environmental experts competent to tackle existing environmental problems and contribute their share to the realization of those ideals.

As shown in the organization chart below, the Faculty has 2 courses for students and 2 divisions for faculty members. Each of the students is enrolled in one of the courses and every faculty member belongs to one of the divisions.

Programs and Majors

Faculty Divisions Departments
Faculty of Environmental Studies Environmental Studies Human and Social Environment
Environmental Conservation and Planning

Agreement of Academic Exchange with Overseas Institution

Institutions Date
University of Arizona (United States of America) 2002. 8. 27
Tamkang University (Taiwan) 2004. 11. 8
Jilin University (China) 2008. 1. 8
National Chengchi University (Taiwan) 2009. 8. 4
National Taiwan University (Taiwan) 2010. 11. 5

Number of Students

  Nagasaki University Faculty of Environmental Studies
Total Number of Students 7,603 625

Contact Information

webmaster*info.env.nagasaki-u.ac.jp (please change * to @)


Faculty of Environmental Studies