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The target figures in 2016

1.Ratio between the number of Japanese students studying abroad and the number of all students


901 persons (10.1%)

Develop study abroad programs and etc. to increase the number of Japanese student participants up to the ratio of 10%.

2.Ratio between the number of International students and the number of all students


902 persons (10.1%)

Maintain the acceptance structure, in addition to establishing exchange programs between partner universities, and increase the ratio of international students up to 10%.

3.Number and ratio of classes held in foreign languages

454 times (5.0%)

Recruit foreign faculty members, carry out overseas training programs for faculty members, and operate FD for upgrading global education skills to increase the ratio of classes taught in foreign languages up to 5%.

4.Number and ratio of foreign faculty members and etc.


295 persons (27.6%)

Recruit foreign faculty members to improve foreign language education. Regarding Japanese faculty members recruitment, promote recruiting applicants who have degrees obtained overseas or who have taught or conducted research overseas for more than one year.

5.Number and ratio of faculty members with doctoral degrees

866 persons (80.9%)

In principle, recruit faculty members with doctoral degrees, and promote present faculty members to obtain doctoral degrees.

6.Number of students per faculty members

8.3 persons

Keep the status quo.

7.Number and ratio of office staff with language skill (TOEIC 800 etc.)

45 persons (10.0%)

To smoothly correspond to requests from international students and foreign faculty members, recruit staff with high language skills (English (TOEIC 800 or above) or Chinese (Chinese proficiency test level 3 or more)), and carry out language training programs or short-term overseas training programs for current staff to improve their language skills.

(※1)Including students in doctoral or master’s degree programs
(※2)Including students in doctoral or master’s degree programs and short-term or research students
(※3)Including Japanese faculty members who obtained degrees at universities overseas and have taught or conducted research overseas for more than one year