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Nagasaki University students won the 22nd All-Japan Inter-School Nine-Ball Championship

Mr. Yoshida on the left and Mr. Yayoshi on the right
Mr. Yoshida on the left and Mr. Yayoshi on the right

Naoaki Yayoshi and Shuhei Yoshida, fourth-year students in the School of Engineering, won the "22nd All-Japan Inter-School Nine-ball Championship" held on Sunday, March 27. The Kyushu tournament was held in October as a qualifier for the national tournament, and they won the championship for the second year in a row, following last year (when the national tournament game was canceled due to Corona).

Mr. Yoshida Mr. Yayoshi

Nine-ball is a billiard game that uses balls numbered 1 through 9 and a handball (white ball). After a break shot, the player pockets the smallest numbered ball remaining on the table, and the first player to pocket the 9 ball wins.

When we asked them about the appeal of billiards, they replied, "The results are directly linked to what you have practiced, giving you a sense of accomplishment," and "There is almost no element of luck, and you can compete based on the skills you have honed.
We look forward to seeing their future success.