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Internship Program of Exchange Student at Nagasaki Economic Research Institute Ltd.

Mr. Tomasso Pavanin, an exchange student from University of Trento, Italy, studied at the Faculty of Economics from April to September 2017 and had undergone internship at the Nagasaki Economic Research Institute, Ltd. With the good cooperation between the Alumni Association and Faculty of Economics, one of the alumni negotiated with the Institute to provide Mr. Pavanin internship from August 21 to August 25, 2017. The internship ranged from lectures on regional economy at the Nagasaki Prefecture, training at its consulting company and practical experiences in the field of business finance. He also visited a NPO, "Nagasaki Marine Industry Cluster Promotion Council" and gained knowledge about the project. This council was established mainly by small and medium enterprises in Nagasaki prefecture with the aim of building a marine renewable energy industry in Nagasaki prefecture. The Nagasaki Institute of Economic Research Co., Ltd. also actively participated in the internship program from the beginning.

In addition to attending general lectures/ seminars with local undergraduate students at the Faculty of Economics during this study period, he actively cooperated with Japanese and foreign students in the promotion of internationalization of the faculty which included participation in international exchange events with local high school students. After returning to his home country, it is expected that Mr. Pavanin would contribute to the development of exchange and cooperation between our university and University of Trento.

This international exchange study program received a grant from the Erasmus + Program which is a scholarship promotion system of the European Union (EU) and University of Trento and applied for by partnering with Nagasaki University. In this EU education subsidy system, the travel expenses of staff and students are subsidized. It is expected that this subsidy would further develop and strengthen the relationship between universities in the EU and Nagasaki.


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Nagasaki Marine Industry Cluster Promotion Council


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