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Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Institute of Tropical Medicine

The 75th Commemorative Ceremony of Institute of Tropical Medicine (Nekken) was held at the Boardin Hall of the Ryojun Kaikan, in Sakamoto Campus on November 17, 2017. About 150 domestic and international officials attended the ceremony and celebrated its milestone anniversary together.

The Institute was originally founded in March 1942 as the East Asia Research Institute of Endemics, Nagasaki Medical College, and in 1967, the name of the Institute was changed to Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University, as it is known today. Until today, the Institute is the only public institution working for tropical medicine in Japan, and after becoming the "National Collaborative Institute" in 1989, the Institute was recognized as an "Center of Excellence" in 1982 and 1995 respectively by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology (MEXT), Japan in 1995. Furthermore, the Institute was certified as "Research Center on Tropical Medicine" by MEXT in 2009 with an aim to strengthen its activity as a public research center and to facilitate researchers nationwide under the new management scheme.

The commemorative seminars were delivered by Dr. Hiroshi Kida, the Director of Collaborative Research Center and Dr. Aikichi Iwamoto, an Honorary Professor of the University of Tokyo. Then, the Director of the institute, Prof. Kenji Hirayama gave an opening speech, followed by Prof. Shigeru Kohno, the President of Nagasaki University, Mr. Noriyuki Nishii, the Manager of Scientific Research Institutes Division of Research Promotion Bureau, MEXT. Then Mr. Hodo Nakamura, the Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture, Mr. Tomihisa Taue, the Mayor of Nagasaki City gave commemorative speeches.

After the ceremony, an opening party was held at Hotel New Nagasaki. The party started with Prof. Hirayama's opening speech, followed by congratulatory messages from President Kohno, former President, Shigeru Katamine, and Mr. Yoshiaki Takagi the former Member of House of Representatives. After that, there was a Japanese traditional dance performed by Nagasaki Kenban, followed by toasting message by Mr. Katsumi Tsuneta, Vice President of the Dormitory Meeting of Institute of Tropical Medicine. During the party, Mr. Tsutomu Tomioka and Ms. Hideko Nishioka, member of the House of Representatives joined the party to celebrate the anniversary. The final of the party was concluded with Banzai Sansyo by Honorary Professor Keizo Matsumoto of Nagasaki University, who led the institute as the Director for ten years. Both the commemorative ceremony and the opening party were very successful and ended with great success.


Commemorative Ceremony


President, Shigeru Kohno


Opening party


Former President, Shigeru Katamine