Administration Bureau
Faculty of Education
Center for Education Research and Training
Elementary School
Lower Secondary School
School for Children with Special Education Needs
Faculty of Economics
School of Medicine
School of Dentistry
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Environmental Studies
Faculty of Fisheries
Training Ship "Kakuyo-Maru"
Training Ship "Nagasaki-Maru"
Graduate School of Education
Graduate School of Economics
Graduate School of Science and Technology
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Atomic Bomb Disease Institute
Medicinal Plant Garden
Graduate School of International Health Development
Institute of Tropical Medicine
Center for Infectious Disease Research in Asia and Africa
Animal Research Center for Tropical Infections
Tropical Medicine Museum
University Hospital
University Library
Medical Library
Economics Library
Center for Health and Community Medicine
Center for Frontier Life Sciences
Information Media Center
Joint Research Center
Education and Research Center for Life-long Learning
International Student Center
Research and Development Center for Higher Education
Admission Center
Institute for East China Sea Research
Center for Total Human Education and Child Welfare
Yattemyu Desk

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