International Study Opportunities

Student Exchange Program

This program accepts students from overseas universities with which Nagasaki University has concluded a student exchange agreement for one year or one semester. Undergraduate exchange students are enrolled in a faculty / school and take courses to earn credits. Graduate exchange students are enrolled in a graduate school and receive research advice. Tuition shall be waived for the students and students can receive accreditation for their studies where such credit exchange is recognized by their home university.
Application should be sent through the office responsible for student exchange at the applicant’s home university.

 【Time Line】

Spring Semester Enrollment Fall Semester Enrollment  
Early October Mid-April Calling for Applicants
November 20th May 20th Application Deadline
*Apply via your home university. Nagasaki University will not accept applications from individuals.

Download: Student Exchange Program 2016 (PDF)
Download: Application Package (PDF)
Download:Application for Certificate of Eligibility (Excel)*Linked to The Ministry of Justice
       Sample of Application for COE (Excel) 

2015 Academic Year Lists of Subjects Offered and Research Content/Fields Offered for Exchange Students:
Undergraduate Faculties/Schools
Graduate Schools
School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate School of Education
Faculty of Education Graduate School of Economics
Faculty of Economics Graduate School of Biomedical Scienses
School of Medicine(School of Medical Sciences) Health Sciences
School of Medicine(School of Health Sciences) Medical and Dental Sciences
School of Dentistry Infection Research
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Life Sciences and Radiation Research
School of Engineering Pharmaceutical Sciences(Master Course)
Faculty of Environmental Studies Pharmaceutical Sciences(Doctoral Course)
Faculty of Fisheries Division of Disaster and Radiation Medical Sciences
  Division of Advanced Preventive Medical Sciences
Graduate School of Engineering
  Graduate School of Fisheries Science and Environmental Studies
  School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health
General Education
General Education

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December-January June-July Screening at applicants’ desired faculty/school or graduate school.
Late January Late July Announce of result of screening.
Mid-February-Late February Mid-August-
Late August
Sending Certification of Eligibility and Letter of Acceptance to accepted students’ home universities.
Mid February-Early March Mid August-
Early September
Accepted students apply for Student Visa at the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate.
Late March Late September Accepted students arrive in Japan.

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