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Transdisciplinary approaches for planetary health at NU

We at Nagasaki University aim to coexist with the earth through our research and activities related to the global environment and ecosystems, with an emphasis on sustainability.
We believe it is necessary to educate people to have a planetary-health mindset in the pursuit of inquiry to mobilize questions and move toward the answers.
We hope to create new knowledge sources from a multi-perspective approach, drawing from the existing wisdom in the fields and domains working on planetary health.

NEW LOGO of NU for “Planetary Health”

main logo
logo variations

Logo concepts

◇Our history and wisdom meeting the challenges of a new era
    ⇒ Modern and stylish design based on tradition
 ・Figured initials P and H
 ・Representing two persons’ arms protecting and supporting the earth
 ・Expressing a smiling face: the two dots (persons’ heads) are eyes
 ・The beautiful earth: stained glass motif of a traditional Nagasaki craft
 ・The colors symbolize health and nature, combine individuality and tradition,
  and give a friendly impression

Message from the President

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