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Certificate Awarding Ceremony for Ukraine Students Held

 Nagasaki University has accepted 18 Ukrainian students since last May to provide a place to continue their studies. However, since April, each student will take a new path, some moving to other universities, some entering our Graduate School, and some continuing the program. Therefore, on Thursday, March 9, Nagasaki University held a ceremony to award certificates to Ukrainian students to complete the 2022 education program.

 At the ceremony, President Kohno handed each student a certificate of completion and gave them a message of encouragement, saying, "I truly hope that each of you will continue to strive for your dreams in your new environments from April 2023." The faculty and staff who have supported this program also gathered to greet the Ukrainian students.

 One of the participating students, Yuliya MARTOVA, said, "When I first came to Nagasaki, I was a bit confused by the sudden changes, but everyone at Nagasaki University was very kind and offered us so much support, which I sincerely appreciate. I was pleased to have this ceremony and to have all the teachers and staff who have supported us come. Since April, everyone will go on to their paths, but I will never forget today when we all gathered together for the last time."

Awarding of diplomas

The commemorative photograph