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English Café: Special Session with Nagasaki Prefectural Nagasaki Higashi High School

At the School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences (SGHSS) in Nagasaki University, Coaching Fellows facilitate English Café daily to promote students’ English proficiency outside of the classroom. The School had the privilege of inviting students from Nagasaki Prefectural Nagasaki Higashi High School, designated as a Super Global High School in 2015, for our first special English Café session on July 31.

A total of 27 students participated in the English Café, including 19 students from Higashi High School English Club and 8 students from the SGHSS. They participated in two different sessions, called “Tourist Attractions in Nagasaki” and “Wasei-eigo (Japanglish).” In “Tourist Attractions in Nagasaki,” the students played karuta cards, each of which illustrates a popular tourist attraction in Nagasaki. By using karuta pictures, they learned how to give directions and sightseeing tips to tourists. In “Wasei-eigo,” the students participated in game-based activities to learn that many katakana words (i.e. English-like words) that are familiar to them are not commonly used in English speaking coutnries. They also learned correct English words for katakana words.

The SGHSS is committed to provide services to the local community, and sincerely hopes that events such as the special English Café with Nagasaki Higashi High School will provide opportunities for local students to learn, not only English, but about study abroad programs and the importance of intercultural understanding.