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International Business (Plus) Program held a short-term language training (English Camp).

Nagasaki University’s Faculty of Economics held a short-term language training (English Camp) for first-year students participating in the International Business (Plus) Program.
The focus of the training course was a mix of English language, academic skills and communication development.
Mastery of these topics will ensure a smooth study abroad experience in their third year and their GSR trip, a short-term overseas training at the end of their first year, which is a requirement of their program.
One half of their courses were lectures and a presentation on campus, and the other half was a 3 day retreat held at the National Isahaya Youth Outdoor Learning Center.
In additional to some lectures at the outdoor facility, the students did cooking, team building, and international sports to bond with each other and senior students who volunteered at the camp.

At the camp
At the camp
Cooking outdoor
Cooking outdoor
Prepare for the presentation
Prepare for the presentation

[Program schedule:September 18th to 25th 2019]




Sept. 18

Katafuchi Campus

Orientation, Lectures

Sept. 19


Sept. 20

National Isahaya Youth Outdoor Learning Center

Presentation by senior students, Group discussion, Outdoor cooking

Sept. 21

Lectures, International sports

Sept. 22



Day off

Sept. 24

Katafuchi Campus


Sept. 25

Lectures, Presentation in English