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Institute for East China Sea Research

Among the world’s marine environments, the East China Sea is a region renowned for its abundant marine life. It is one of the key waters that support the lives of the Japanese people. On the other hand, the East China Sea is surrounded by one of the world's most populous coastal areas and is extremely sensitive to human activity. There is serious concern that changes in the marine environment will lead to the decline of biological resources. Ocean warming, eutrophication, and chemical contamination are some of the changes that have been reported to impact the biota, habitat, and spawning season of marine organisms. Therefore, environmental changes are expected to have a serious effect on the future of affected marine organisms. At ECSER, our goal is to study the nature and impacts of environmental changes in the East China Sea, conduct research to restore and conserve the environment, and work to secure the sustainable production of biological resources and safe seafood, through collaboration with researchers in the fields of ecology, ethology science, physiology, oceanography, and environmental science.

Division of Environmental Science

We are focused on the protection and restoration of the marine environment and ecosystem by investing the fundamental mechanisms that drive material flows and bio-productivity in the marine environment.

Division of Bioresource Science:

We are unraveling the mechanisms that will ensure a sustainable use od marine bioresources by understanding how the dynamics of the environment affect reproduction in marine organisms.

  • Outdoor tanks
  • Floating net cage
  • Laboratory for physiology
  • Seminar room
  • Guest house