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学位記授与式 学長告辞


Congratulations to all of you, graduates of master’s and doctoral courses of the graduate schools of Nagasaki University and to those who have supported them and are here at this ceremony today. I am pleased to celebrate this occasion with the faculty and staff who are attending today, including deans of graduate schools and academic supervisors.

A total of 74 graduates, including 39 graduates from outside Japan, received a master’s or doctoral degree from Nagasaki University today. I would like to express my heartfelt respect for your constant efforts to deepen your studies in your specialty areas and acquire excellent research skills, and I am very happy for you.

The world into which you are about to fly has been dramatically changed by globalization. The most important goal of globalization is to bring about world peace through mutual understanding and dependency between nations and races by utilizing the advances in science and technology and the fruits of economic development. However, we are also seeing some negative effects brought on by global capitalism. Growing competition for limited resources is causing substantial economic inequality. In addition, the time will soon come when standards of industry will change along with the development of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies that exceed the capacity of human information processing.

What will we need most in such a world? Obviously, we will need critical thinking skills, insight, imagination, and creativity more than ever, but the quality most essential for future leaders is to maintain the courage needed to take up challenges. I would like you to become aware of what you want to do to contribute to society, to believe in the academic skills you have acquired at Nagasaki University, have the courage to jump into new fields, and never give up in achieving your goals even if you come up short.

The most important of all is to meet various unique people. It does no harm to meet various people from your home country and other countries and to have many experiences in your life. Of course, it is important for you to pursue an area in your specialty and improve your individual strengths, but I believe that the people you have met and will meet all over the world will inspire you to discover solutions to problems that would be difficult for you to solve alone.

As I mentioned, our society is rapidly changing, and it is difficult for us to foresee the future. However, I believe that you will be able to find a solution in any difficult situation. As for myself, I have continued to be challenged and have always found ways to overcome these challenges. From my experience, I can say for sure that there is definitely a way to solve any problem.

When you face problems more difficult than ever before as a researcher, educator, or expert outside the academic community, I am sure that what you have learned at Nagasaki University will help you surpass such problems.

In conclusion, I sincerely wish you all further success in all of your future endeavors.


Shigeru Kohno       
Nagasaki University

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