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The Use of ChatGPT and Other Generative AI

April 25, 2023
Trustee (Educational Affairs)

The use of ChatGPT or other relevant generative AI for academic studies has raised concerns, as it could deprive students of their own learning opportunities at the university. At the same time, the use of AI systems may lead to other problems such as inappropriate grading and risk of personal information leakage.

At Nagasaki University, it is prohibited to use the content obtained from generative AI to create reports, papers, or dissertations. In case of a violation, the instructor in charge of the class will be responsible for taking a strict measure, such as assigning a grade point value of zero.

Students are requested to pay careful attention to the points stated below and follow the instructions of the instructor in charge of the class.

(1) Using contents obtained from generative AI in reports or papers can deprive students of their own learning opportunities. Also, it will be considered plagiarism in some cases.

(2) Students must confirm the accuracy of the data obtained from generative AI, since it may contain some errors or false information.

(3) There is a possibility of copyright infringement if copyrighted text is included in the study data.

(4) Students must be aware of the risk of information leakage when using generative AI. If you input confidential information, such as unpublished paper or report, into a generative AI, you may unintentionally disclose such information.

Meanwhile, Nagasaki University will continue to gather information from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and other higher educational institutions to consider the use of generative AI for education and learning purposes.