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Director of Japan Museum SieboldHuis (the Netherlands) visited Nagasaki University

 On October 12, 2023, Mrs. Kris Schiermeier, Director of the Japan Museum SieboldHuis, and her delegation visited Nagasaki University.
 The SieboldHuis is located in Leiden, a city in the Netherlands, where Siebold lived after leaving Nagasaki. The museum exhibits Siebold’s collection of articles that he brought from Japan.
In 2009, Nagasaki University opened the International Liaison Office in the SieboldHuis to serve as a base in the Netherlands and, by extension, in Europe.
 The delegation met President Nagayasu, Trustee Ito, and related faculty members to discuss how to promote the partnership between the SieboldHuis and Nagasaki University in the future, as well as how to use the International Liaison Office more effectively.