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Collaboration Agreement between Atlantis Resources Ltd. and Nagasaki Univ.

Nagasaki University (NU) has entered into Collaboration Agreement with Atlantis Resources Ltd. (Atlantis) for a joint study on ocean renewables utilizing tidal stream.
Atlantis, is promoter of the MeyGen project in Scotland, UK, which is one of the largest commercial tidal stream project in the world with total power output of about 400MW (400,000 kW) in the final phase.
The joint study is proceeded to clarify the cost of energy based on Atlantis’ experience for commercial project in UK and data on tidal stream provided by NU.
Upon completion of the joint study, NU would like to move into the next step to clarify project costs and the cost of energy in Japan.
The study will be an important step to understand the potential of ocean renewables in Japan.   


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