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The captain of Training Ship Pallada, his crew members and cadets from Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University visit Nagasaki Univ.

The captain of the sailing training ship Pallada, Sergey Tolovikov, officers, instructors, and cadets from Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University (FESTFU, Vladivostok, Russia) visited the Graduate School of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences. Their visit took place to coincide with the Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival. They often came to Nagasaki to participate in the Festival hold in April.

On April 20, they attended a special lecture and guidance tour of the Faculty of Fisheries as well as Nagasaki Univ. at Bunkyo campus. The 2nd day, the Captain Prof. Morii and his crew explained to them the cutting edge facilities and equipment of the brand new Nagasaki Maru on board. The dean, Prof. Muto and Captain Tolovikov agreed on a further educational and academic exchange between FESTFU and Nagasaki Univ.


Sailing training ship Pallada at Nagasaki Port


Opening remarks from Captain Sergey Tolovikov in the special lecture


Museum in Faculty of Fisheries


Food processing factory in Faculty of Fisheries


On the deck of Nagasaki Maru


Officers and cadets attended the guidance tour of Nagasaki Maru